ARIA by Kozue Amano

In the near future a young girl, Mizunashi Akari travels from her native Manhome to the water-covered planet Aqua (formerly Mars) to become an Undine, an apprentice gondolier in the canal city of neo-Venezia which is a reconstruction of the Italian city of Venice. She joins the small but prestigious ARIA Company which is run by Florence Alicia, one of the three fabled Water Fairies who are the top-ranked Undines working as tourist guides in the city.

As she learns the trade and the art of the Undine, Akari meets many of the local inhabitants of this storied city and becomes fast friends with two other apprentice Undines from rival gondolier companies, Aika of Himeya and the young prodigy Alice from Orange Planet. Together they strive to become full-fledged Undines and take their place in the life and history of Neo-Venezia.

This beautifully drawn manga has been adapted into an anime and is currently being released in an English language version by manga publishers Tokyopop. I have scanned and translated three omake (extra) short mangas that were published in Japan in special companion volumes for the anime series, the Perfect Guide books. In addition I have also scanned and translated several yonkoma (4-panel) comics which were printed on the book covers and in other associated ARIA products.

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