Family Compo by Tsukasa Hojo

Family Compo is a romantic comedy manga with a twist. It tells the story of Yanagiba Masahiko (Giba to his friends), a young college student who goes to live with his black-sheep relatives the Wakanaes when his father dies. He doesn't know much about them as they were shunned by the rest of the family for some reason. Well, he finds out why real quick...

Uncle Sora is a mangaka, a workaholic manga artist with a chaotic studio in his spacious house. Aunt Yukari is a busy housewife and Yanagiba's cousin Shion is a pretty sixteen-year old girl. Or is she? That question drives Giba to distraction throughout the entire series after he discovers his aunt and his uncle are both transvestites. In fact all the people who work for "Uncle" Sora are crossdressers. But is Shion?

Giba's life gets even more complicated when the film club at his college needs a leading lady in a hurry for their latest epic and someone reckons that Giba could be perfect for the part. Add in an amorous but misguided Yakuza gangster, a girlfriend who has misgivings about Giba's inability to stay out of trouble (and dresses), family feuds and growing pains and you've got Family Compo.

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