Kabu no Isaki by Ashinano Hitoshi

Isaki lives out in the boonies near Kamakura, Japan in a world where youngsters like himself need wings to get around. He can sometimes borrow Shiro-san's Piper Cub if he pays for his own gas or does favours for her as her delivery boy.

It is never really explained but somehow the world in this manga is different from our own. Things suddenly changed, perhaps overnight, turning commonplace features into objects of glory and wonder. Kabu no Isaki (Isaki's Cub) takes you into that new world and shows you, in Ashinano-san's particular style just what you're missing when you ignore what is around you right now.

This is an on-going series in Afternoon; currently there are two collections (tankos) on sale with the first thirteen chapters in total.

Kabu no Isaki

The first four chapters (translated) can be downloaded here.