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For the past four years I have used Psion handheld computers; initially the Psion II LZ, then the inestimably brilliant Series 3a: and now a new Series 5 machine.

This page contains anything I've written about the Psion machines that may be of general use to anyone else.

Newsflash: as of March 1998, a project is underway to port Linux to the Series 5! That's enough to make all my reservations about this piece of kit disappear. More later ... details Linux-7110.

I really didn't like the Series 5. In fact, I liked it so little that I sold mine and went back to the Series 3 for a year.

However, time passes. Psion actually did some sensible things in 1999. For starters, they opened up the development system; you can now download it for free from EPOC World, instead of forking out lots of money on an annual basis. (If you're a minority player in the market, trying to gain developer mindshare, this is a sensible thing to do.) For seconds, they released the Series 5MX, which -- with the increase in software available on EPOC/32 -- is a rather more useful beast than the original Series 5. (It's twice as fast and has twice the memory, uses about a third less battery power, doesn't have a case that peels, the screen's a tad better, and it's got a TCP/IP stack and Java runtime.) Time will tell -- but the Series 5MX seems to me to be the product that the original Series 5 should have been, and I'll be writing about it here occasionally. (Hopefully a lot more, once somebody proficient in ARM assembler fixes ARLO so I can boot Linux on mine!)

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